Generator Room Fire Suppression System Dubai

Gas and diesel generator rooms play an essential role in ensuring uninterrupted power supply for various industries and facilities. However, due to the presence of flammable fuels and electrical components, these rooms also pose a significant fire risk. Effective fire protection systems are critical for mitigating these risks and protecting both personnel and equipment. Wermany is the leading Fire suppression system provider for Generator Rooms, Lift Machine Rooms, and Electrical rooms.

We provide Design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of all types of fire suppression systems, such as those used in Generator rooms, Server rooms, Data centers, Electrical rooms, Commercial Kitchens, and Storage warehouses.

FM200 systems work effectively in Generator rooms, server rooms, and data centers.
Inert gas-clean agent systems are used in delicate spaces like data centers.
Foam suppression systems for Diesel Generator rooms/helipad.
Total flooding aerosol systems are an ideal, proven, and effective way to protect stationary diesel engine generators.

What causes fire in Generator Rooms?

When a generator is running, the surfaces of the engine and exhaust system can reach temperatures that exceed the auto-ignition temperature of the fluids used in the generator. When those fluids, such as diesel fuel or engine oil, leak or spray onto hot surfaces, they can start a fire that is difficult to put out with sprinklers alone. And considering the presence of oxygen from heavy ventilation and open dampers to promote airflow, and you have a high-risk situation. Generator fires can threaten the lives of building occupants, but they are more likely to disable the backup power system, rendering it incapable of meeting the facility’s emergency power needs.

Fire Protection Systems for Electrical Substations and Diesel Engine generator rooms

Stationary diesel engine driven generators are a low-cost way to generate electricity. They are extremely adaptable and can be installed almost anywhere power is needed.

It is common to find stationary diesel engine generators in locations where utility service is insufficient or unavailable and  places that diesel engine generations can be used to supply emergency or backup power, 

  • Offshore rigs and platforms
  • Construction sites
  • Mines
  • Oil and gas well sites
  • Pump stations
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Universities/schools
  • Laboratories
  • Data centers
  • Industrial facilities
  • Government Facilities
  • Resorts
  • Correctional facilities

Those stationary diesel generators pose a real fire risk. They contain all of the elements required to start a fire. There is diesel fuel and engine heat (especially around the exhaust manifold and muffler). When you consider moving parts, lubricants, hose, wiring, and instrumentation in an enclosure, the possibility of a major fire is always present. Over-greased bearings can also cause fires in electric motors and generators. 

An aerosol system is an ideal, proven, and efficient way to protect stationary diesel engine generators. A rapid response aerosol system can suppress fires while they are still manageable, reducing damage and downtime. Additional cooling can reach up inside them better than traditional discharge heads.

Generator Room Fire Detection System

Most generator fires are fast flaming fires, so the detection technique is to look for heat or flame caused by the fire. Even though smoke is present, it is not a reliable first indicator of a fire. The first consideration is heat detection. Heat detectors are dependable and cost-effective, but when businesses consider the mission-critical nature of their generator equipment, they usually include some form of early detection. For automatic fire detection, optical flame detectors are used in many generator installations. Flame detectors detect the presence of a flame quickly.

Heat Detectors: Heat detectors are designed to respond to temperature increases, such as those caused by a fire. In generator rooms, rate-of-rise heat detectors and fixed-temperature heat detectors are commonly used.

Flame Detectors: Flame detectors use sensors to detect the presence of flames or intense heat. They are especially useful in environments where other types of detectors may produce false alarms due to dust or fumes.

Gas Detectors: In generator rooms that use gases such as natural gas, propane, or diesel fuel, the gas detectors can detect leaks or abnormal levels of gas, which can lead to fire hazards. For gas-powered generators, these detectors are crucial.

To ensure early detection, fire detectors should be strategically placed within the generator room. They should be placed near potential fire sources like generators, fuel storage, and electrical panels. Proper spacing and placement are critical for detecting fires quickly.

Generator Room Fire Suppression System Dubai

The selection of a suppression system for a generator room is mainly determined by four factors: ventilation of the space for cooling and combustion air, flammable/combustible liquid storage and delivery, storage of Class A combustibles in the room, and equipment tolerance to non-fire damage caused by suppression system operation. Sprinklers, AFFF foam sprinklers, carbon dioxide, clean agents, and water mist systems have all been used in the past.

Water mist has recently emerged as the preferred method of protection for both indoor generator rooms and outdoor generator enclosures. Water mist systems are FM-approved. They are approved for generator protection and have passed fire testing. They address ventilation issues as well as the inability to make generator rooms airtight. In most cases, they can put out pool fires caused by diesel fuel storage and delivery systems. Finally, they won’t damage any of the generator equipment when they discharge

Water Mist Fire suppression System

Low and high-pressure water mist fire suppression systems can protect a single generator or a set of generator enclosures. All power plant types can benefit from cylinder-based or tank/pump-based systems.

Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression System

Condensed Aerosol systems are an inexpensive way to protect generator enclosures or generator rooms. The Condensed Aerosol Fire System suppression technology is based on the chemical reaction of solid energetic materials, which generates large amounts of highly efficient, cost-effective, microparticles of powdered aerosol through the combustion process, which acts chemically and physically on the fire to extinguish it within seconds.

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Our Power Generator room fire suppression system features include

  • Latest technology in extinguishing mediums
  • Innovative nozzle design
  • Components made of stainless steel
  • Environment Friendly
  • There is no risk of global warming or ozone depletion.
  • Approved systems with a long service life
fire suppression system for Generator rooms

Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Maintenance of  Fire Suppression System for transformer room and Generator Room

Fire detection systems in generator rooms must be routinely maintained and tested to ensure proper operation. This includes inspecting detector sensitivity, replacing batteries, and running system-wide tests. At Wermany, we offer a complete range of services that include the installation, testing, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance of fire suppression systems designed for transformer rooms and generator rooms. Our dedication to safety and operational reliability ensures that your critical infrastructure remains protected 24/7.

We specialize in providing high-quality generator fire protection and automatic fire suppression systems. We offer a comprehensive range of fire protection solutions designed specifically for generator rooms in order to protect your valuable assets and ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

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