Floating Oil Tank Rim Seal Protection System

Seal Protection System

Floating Oil Tank Rim Seal Protection System

The OIL TANKShield is an advanced fire protection system for oil storage tanks with floating roofs from Lehavot Production and Protection.
When discussing Fuel Storage, the threat of fire is obvious and so is the need for a reliable, fast reacting fire detection and suppression system.
Fuel tank storage tanks with floating roofs are generally used for the purpose of storing large amounts of petroleum products. The tanks are usually comprised of an open- topped cylindrical steel shell equipped with a roof that rises and falls with the liquid level in the tank, floating on the surface of the stored liquid.
The area between the tank shell wall and the internal floating roof (the difference in the tank shell diameter and the internal roof diameter) is known as the rim-seal area. Many of the fires in oil tank storage units originate in this area.



The Lehavot OIL-TANKShield automatic rim seal fire detection and extinguishing system detects and extinguishes the Rim seal fire over external floating roof tanks storing class “A” Petroleum products at the incipient stage while simultaneously alerting the personnel at the facility so that they can respond to the incident.
By using an advanced Linear Heat Detection System the system senses the rapid rate of temperature rise or pre-set maximum temperature or both to ensure that any fire on rim seal is detected within 10 seconds of occurrence. Peripheral nozzles discharge the extinguishing foam agent to protect the rim seal area.


  • Full BIT (Built in Test) Capability
  • Remote control sensitivity calibration
  • Zone 1 Explosion Proof System
  • Automatic extinguishing System
  • Covers the full circumference of the tank
  • Full monitoring of all system components
  • Alert to main control room and fire station
  • FM approved
  • Detects fires quickly to minimize damages
  • Identifies fires occurring a distance from the sensor tubing
  • Field programmable system
  • Durable, flexible tubing – Easy installation
  • Robust, tolerates grime, dirt and extreme conditions
  • Low cost of ownership