Linear Heat Detection systems


Linear Heat Detection systems

The LEHAVOTDELTA Linear Heat Detection systems are designed to help provide an early warning detection of fire or overheating equipment and its cost effective solution of fire and overheating in applications where the use of a standard fire alarm system would not be appropriated due to the environmental condition.
The LEHAVOTDELTA Linear Heat Detector is a paradigm shift in fire and heat detection. Its linear stainless steel detection tube utilizes state-of-the-art pneumatic and electronic technologies to sensitively analyze the Rate of temperature Rise (RoR), providing real-time and reliable alerts to fire or overheating. The patented LEHAVOTDELTA is easily installed in large areas or confined spaces, always providing optimal detection coverage. 

The LEHAVOTDELTA is certified to the following civilian and military standards:

  • Super-fast detection: Detects out-of-range temperature fluctuations in less than 1 second
  • Distant sensing: Identifies overheating or fire at a considerable distance from the sensor tubing
  • Robust & durable: Tolerates grime, dirt and other harsh conditions
  • Reliable performance: Built-in-Test capability alerts to degraded performance
  • Cost-effective: Replaces multiple detectors and separate control unit
  • Power station transformers & generator rooms
  • RIM SEAL floating roof tank protection
  • Oil & Gas tank storage protection
  • Crane
  • Conveyors
  • Off-Road vehicles (Mines, Agriculture, etc)
  • Buses, Trains
  • Kitchen-Hood systems
  • Marine
  • Cellular antennas
  • CNC machines
  • Military

UAE Civil Defense & FM Approved