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Complete Range of Fire Protection and ELV Services

Design of Fire Suppression System

Planning for fire protection entails a coordinated strategy in which system designers need to evaluate building modules as a total package. The design analysis keeps basic code compliance and the owner’s minimum legal responsibilities for providing protection as a starting point and designs an all-inclusive package specific to the protected location. Our team of qualified CAD engineers works with you to ensure maximum satisfaction and accuracy.

Fire Fighting Consultancy

Often times the ideal solution to proceed with is unclear because there are generally a multitude of options available with various economical outcomes and each with their own technical nuances and specificities. This can be troublesome and this is where we come into the fray. Warner Group in conjunction with you understands the individual requirements and limitations. Based upon that an extensive action plan is developed which considers mechanical aspects, methodological approach, cost criteria, scope of volume, nature of the protected area and evaluation of potential solutions which aids us in presenting our holistic findings to you.

Refilling and Hydro Testing

Post discharge, suppression systems are refilled with certified gases, stored and monitored by our quality technical team after which the cylinders are delivered to the customers desired location with all associating documentation. Moreover, cylinders need to be momentarily hydro tested for structural integrity and potential leakages which is a solution that Warner Group provides. We stock and refill the following types of agents;
CO2, N2, Fm200, Novec 1230, Naf S125

Room Integrity Investigation

Enclosure integrity testing is a specialized type of enclosure testing that typically measures the airtightness of rooms within buildings that are protected by clean agent fire suppression systems. This test is normally done during the installation and commissioning of the system and is mandatory under NFPA, ISO, EN and Civil Defense standards that also require the test is repeated annually in certain circumstances. Our OEM trained team at Warner will conduct the test and generate a resulting report and a supplementary action plan should the client require.

Annual Maintenance Contract

By UAE and Dubai law, commercial and residential establishments such as office towers, residential towers and warehouses require an AMC by an authorized firefighting contractor to obtain a clearance certificate by the civil defense. Here at Warner Group we take this requirement one step further by packaging and creating a bespoke solution for our prospective clients, should they so require. An extensive report is generated after each interaction at the site to ensure smooth operations and documentation for both Warner and our partners.

Your Safety is our Utmost Priority!

We are Specialized in

Fire Protection Services

Water based Systems

Water Mist, Deluge Water Spray, Pre-action Systems, Sprinkler, Foam Protection, Wet / Dry Risers, Hydrants, Hose Reels & Fire Extinguishers.

Fire detection and Alarm

Analogue Addressable / Conventional Fire Alarms, Multiple networks; Voice Evacuation, linear heat detection and Air Sampling Smoke Detection.


Gaseous Systems

Inert Gas suppression systems, FM 200, and Novec-1230


Leak Detection Systems

Robust and cutting edge Water, Hydrocarbon and Acid leak detection systems via a single panel resulting in a solution that is customizable to all potential types of leaks.


Kitchen Hood systems

Robust extinguishing system with increased coverage ensuring that restaurants are protected with a system that is globally acclaimed, easy to install and with minimal electrical “moving parts” thereby ensuring ease of installation and maintenance.



All design preparation of drawings and hydraulic calculations are undertaken “in House” by an experienced team of Engineers and Technicians.