Leak Detection System


Leak Detection System

Due to increasing interconnectivity globally, data has emerged as one of the worlds most valuable commodities and a commodity which if not protected, can cause significant direct monetary damages due to malfunction of sensitive equipment and indirect ones due to the potential loss of sensitive data and overall downtime.


Warner’s Leak Detection system is the most advanced Liquid Leak Detection System in the global market. It is a full digital system that features precise leak location in real time, capable of detecting multiple leaks and can monitor distances up to 2000 meters, ensuring that your data centre/server room have an additional buffer of safety and timely response to any potential leaks can be undertaken.
The Digi-Flex Liquid Leak Detection System is designed and built for an all purpose environment, specially to detect and locate liquid leaks. Read more about Leak Detection System

Advantages over competition

A one size fits all philosophy followed by traditional competition means that individualistic differences and requirements between projects, are not reflected in the solution offered. The end result being cost overruns and overall inefficiency built into the system.
Warner recognises the need to have fluidity in today’s hyper competitive market. Therefore, to combat the issue highlighted above, our leak detection can be purpose built to the specifications required, via 3 individual solutions which are;

3L-DF/TP/12L is our flagship line of leak detection systems catering projects with multiple sensitive zones and overall large scale applications.

– 3L-DF/TP/07WT is a robust line of leak detection systems catering projects with significant floor space to be covered whilst potentially maintaining the integrity of multiple zones.

– 3L-DF/SP : is a concise line of leak detection systems catering towards projects which are individualistic and relatively small in nature.

Fail-Safe loopback feature (allows the continuation of leak detection even if a cable breaks somewhere along the system) .
The alternative being that connectivity is lost at that point of the sense cable which results in a dangerous scenario wherein until that specific section of the cable and associated accessories are replaced, the system’s integrity is compromised.


Warner’s patented leak detection system displays the size of the leak identified via the monitored touch panel. This is of paramount importance because there are always best practices and quantifiable standards to be set by the response team pertaining to the speed of maintenance team dispatch, personnel numbers required, and the type of emergency protocol to be established depending on the size of the leak.

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