Bus Fire Protection System in Dubai

bus fire protection system is a specialized safety mechanism designed to detect, prevent, and mitigate fires that may occur within a bus or other types of transportation vehicles. The primary objective of a bus fire protection system is to ensure the safety of passengers, drivers, and assets by identifying fire dangers early, suppressing fires, and alerting relevant parties for swift response and evacuation if necessary.
The majority of bus fires begin in the engine compartment and nearby regions. In the event of an emergency, such as a thermal incident, a tested and certified vehicle fire suppression system combined with a dependable fire detection system is the best first line of defense.

For all your bus fire protection needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We specialize in providing a wide range of bus fire protection systems in Dubai and all over UAE tailored to your specific requirements. Our expert team is here to assist you in selecting and installing the right system to ensure passenger safety and asset protection. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can help safeguard your buses with effective fire protection solutions.

Bus fire protection system in Dubai, UAE

How a bus fire suppression system works

Here is how a bus fire suppression system works. 

  1. Detecting a fire in the engine compartment

Bus fire suppression systems function by detecting and suppressing the fire before it spreads. Pre-designed systems with non-electric sensors that do not rely on electricity and offer round-the-clock security. To find the fire, the system runs linear pneumatic detection tubing throughout the engine room.
If there is an engine compartment fire, the hotter environment or close proximity to the flames will cause the tubing to rupture, releasing pressure on the cylinder.

  1. Releasing suppression agent

The system responds to the pressure change, by discharging the agent through carefully arranged diffuser nozzles, instantly filling the engine area to put out the fire. An optional system indicator is available and alerts the driver the system has activated or needs servicing.

  1. Putting out the fire

ABC Dry Chemical is advised for engine fire suppression systems due to its efficiency in putting out Class A, B, and C fires. These fire risks may originate from fuel leaks, bad electrical connections, short circuits, or damaged hydraulic hoses. From a system perspective, there is no difference in suppressing a diesel, gasoline, LNG, or CNG fire.

Why You Need Bus Fire Protection Suppression Systems

bus fire protection system is an essential safety feature for any bus fleet, providing passengers, drivers, and operators with the confidence that measures are in place to minimize the risks associated with fires and enhance overall safety during travel. Many vehicles catch fire, with the majority of them originating in the engine area. Such situations occur quickly, leaving no time for passengers to be evacuated from the vehicle. Furthermore, if the fire is not quickly extinguished, the consequences will be disastrous, including the loss of life. This highlights the significance of installing a bus fire suppression system.

Bus fire protection system in Dubai, UAE
Bus Fire Protection System In Dubai

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Bus fire protection system in Dubai, UAE

Our BUSShield bus fire protection system was chosen to protect UAE buses. All buses used for public or school transportation must be equipped with engine fire detection and suppression systems. BUSShield is a comprehensive, cost-effective, and reliable bus fire protection system that immediately alerts the driver to fire and overheating events and automatically takes efficient extinguishing action. BUSShield is based on groundbreaking DELTA linear fire and heat detector whose stainless steel detection tubing is easily installed in confined spaces such as engine compartments and is highly robust to harsh environmental conditions such as grime, dirt, dust, etc.
Buses operate in a variety of environments and climates, including the desert, tropics, and arctic, as well as on motorways and in mountain terrain. These conditions are also difficult for fire suppression systems. To ensure maximum performance, BUSShield bus fire protection systems are rigorously tested for fire performance ability and environmental endurance such as Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), vibration, corrosion, and temperature extremes in accordance with international vehicle standards.

Why choose our BUSShield bus fire protection system?

BusShield is a specialized fire protection system designed for buses and other commercial vehicles. It is one of the best Vehicle Fire Protection System. It’s a comprehensive safety solution that helps prevent and mitigate the risks of fires in the engine compartment and surrounding areas of buses. The BusShield system includes advanced fire detection sensors and an automatic fire suppression mechanism. When the system detects signs of a fire, such as heat or smoke, it triggers the suppression system to release a fire-extinguishing agent, effectively containing and suppressing the fire before it spreads and causes significant damage. BusShield aims to enhance passenger and driver safety, protect valuable assets, and minimize downtime due to fire-related incidents in the transportation industry.
BusShield’s total flooding mechanism prevents reignition, ensuring the vehicle’s safety even after a fire. The flexibility of BusShield’s design allows us to provide the best proposal, at a competitive price, within the shortest possible lead time.
The essential characteristics of the BusShield systems are rapid response, dependability, and simplicity, which provide optimum protection with minimal vehicle downtime.

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Parts of Bus Fire Protection System

  • One cylinder – Minimal foot print.
  • Flexible pipes and hose – installation-friendly.
  • A small amount of nozzles (6-9).
  • Modular concept.
  • Simple cabling.
  • Automotive standard connectors.
  • No Special tooling or equipment is required.
  • Built-in-Test (BIT) for complete system monitoring.

Features of Bus Fire Protection System in Dubai

  • FRV – Fast Release Valve 10ms extinguishing cylinders(MIL-STD-810).
  • Real-time driver alerts- The system immediately alerts the driver to a threat or an event long before it is in his/her line of sight
  • Flexible stainless steel pipes (Teflon internal) – simple and fast installation.
  • Unique online cloud-based Wi-Fi diagnostic platform – 30% bus downtime reduction – ownership costs reduction.
  • Dry chemical ABC is best-in-class for excellent suppression performance.
  • Internal recharging batteries back up.
  • Built-in test for continued system monitoring.
  • Simple installation & maintenance.

Bus Fire Protection System Supplying Company Dubai

Wermany is the leading Bus Fire Protection Systems supplier company in Dubai, UAE. Our Busshield- advanced bus fire protection system approved by R107 UNECE standard, provides comprehensive fire protection coverage with excellent firefighting performance, reliability, and low lifecycle cost. We lead the industry with its advanced solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the region. Our advanced bus fire protection and suppression solutions are designed to tackle the specific safety needs in Dubai, UAE. With a proven track record and a comprehensive range of cutting-edge technologies, Wermany is the trusted choice for businesses seeking top-tier fire protection systems that meet and exceed the highest safety standards in the dynamic landscape of the UAE.