Water mist systems are a type of fire suppression system that uses very tiny water droplets to extinguish or control fires. For water mist systems, the droplet size might range from 1000 microns to 10 microns. This tiny droplet size lowers the application rate needed, improves evaporation, and helps in lowering oxygen levels to put out both surface and hidden fires.
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Water-based fire protection systems have been widely used for more than 20 years. The fire sprinkler system is still functional, but a better strategy appears to be in the works. That is the water mist system. Both systems use water to function, but researchers think that water mist system has the power to change how fire protection systems function.
Water mist systems have a completely different manufacturing standard than water fire sprinkler systems.

Working of Water Mist System

Water is sprayed at high pressure through fine apertures, making it extremely effective at lowering temperatures and cooling gaseous or other combustible chemicals that cause fires. The water-mist system we provide, with several types of apertures available based on intended use, is backed by high pressure pumps that are immediately engaged when the system detects a temperature rise in comparison to the typically established heat temperature. Installing these is very important for securing large buildings and industrial operations. Our water mist systems are thus carefully developed to mitigate damage and respond to fire outbreaks as soon as possible.

A water mist system uses little water sprays to shield you from fires. In three different methods, these delicate water sprays can contain and put out fires.

  1. The mist first cools the flame and gases in the surrounding through evaporation.
  2. The mist can displace oxygen through evaporation. Hence, combustion comes to an end.
  3. The tiny droplets of water also reduce the impact of the surrounding heat 

The size of the water droplets employed in the water mist system is different from fire sprinkler systems. Both systems use water, but water mist systems contain smaller droplets that are less than 100 microns each in size. 

Types of Water Mist Systems

Low Pressure Water Mist Systems
Low Pressure Water Mist Systems
Intermediate Pressure Water Mist System
Intermediate Pressure Water Mist System
High-Pressure Water Mist System
High-Pressure Water Mist System

Low Pressure Water Mist Systems

The distribution piping in low-pressure water mist systems is subjected to pressures of 12.1 bar (175 psi) or less.
Low-pressure water mist systems can be applied in a variety of situations to manage different levels of fire threat. These systems work best when there is a limited amount of water, either because of the shortage of water supply or because the end user is worried about the effects of water use on the environment.

Intermediate Pressure Water Mist System

Intermediate Pressure Water Mist systems have operating pressures greater than 12.1 bar (175 psi) but less than 34.5 bar (500 psi). Commonly Intermediate Pressure Water Mist systems are used in turbine enclosures, equipment areas, hydraulic pump rooms, and so on.

High Pressure Water Mist System

Water Mist Systems having operating pressures of 34.5 bar (500 psi) or above are referred to as high-pressure water mist systems.
Wermany specializes in delivering high-pressure water mist sprinkler systems for fire protection, across a wide range of buildings and industries. This system can be connected to various different forms of early fire detection and has the provision for immediate activation. With a quick response and low water consumption, this system saves valuable buildings, its occupants, and property.

Why do you need a water mist system in your building?

Water mist systems, that come with special nozzles that have been specifically created and extensively tested to assist guard against a variety of fire threats, are a flexible and highly effective fire protection option. Depending on the asset that needs to be protected, the system’s fine mist can either put out a fire or limit it from spreading at an early stage. Systems that use water mist aid in effectively cooling and controlling Class A fires, or in putting out Class B or Class F fires and preventing re-ignition. When the water mist droplets absorb the heat radiation from the fire, it has a cooling effect. This prevents and minimizes damage to people and property. Contact us today.

Benefits of a Water Mist System

  1. Water mist cooling systems provide faster cooling. This is so because steam has a higher rate of heat absorption than liquid water.
  2. Water mist systems require less cleaning after usage and do not leave behind as much water damage.
  3. Water mist systems quickly vaporize water to put out fires.
  4. The mist system uses steam to replace oxygen and fuel vapor while also moistening the fuel surface. These factors combine to make the water mist system more efficient.
  5. Water mist systems are less expensive than dry chemicals.
  6. Water mist systems are safer for the environment than conventional gaseous fire extinguishers like Halon.

FAQ – Water Mist System in Dubai

What types of fires can water mist systems extinguish?

Water mist systems are effective against various types of fires, including Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (flammable liquids), and Class C (electrical) fires. They are versatile and suitable for many applications.

Where are water mist systems commonly used?

Water mist systems are often installed in environments where traditional fire suppression systems may not be suitable, such as data centers, electrical rooms, kitchens, museums, and heritage buildings. They are also used on ships and in offshore platforms.

Are water mist systems safe for human exposure?

Yes, water mist systems are generally safe for human exposure. The fine mist produced by these systems minimizes the risk of scalding or thermal shock. In fact, they can provide a safe escape route for building occupants during a fire.

What maintenance is required for water mist systems?

Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to ensure the system functions correctly. This includes checking nozzles, pipes, pumps, and control panels, as well as conducting functional tests to verify proper operation.

Can water mist systems be retrofitted into existing buildings?

Yes, water mist systems can often be retrofitted into existing buildings, but the feasibility and cost will depend on the building’s layout and requirements. It’s best to consult with a qualified fire protection company for an assessment.

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