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An aspirating smoke detection (ASD) is an active fire detection system that consists of a central detecting device that sucks air via a network of pipes to detect smoke. A nephelometer in the sampling chamber detects the presence of smoke particles floating in the air by detecting the light dispersed by them. Smoke is often detected by ASDs before it is detectable to the human eye.

An aspirator (fan) is used in an aspirating smoke detection (ASD) system to actively draw air into a remote detector through a sample pipe network that extends into a protected space. This type of smoke/fire detection is also known as Air Sampling Smoke Detection.

What Does Very Early Warning Smoke Detection Mean?

Aspirating smoke detection systems with continuous air sampling provide early warning of a potential fire threat. QUARTAS aspirating smoke detectors provide the necessary time to examine an alarm and initiate a suitable response to avoid injury, property damage, or business inconvenience. QUARTAS detectors provide multi-level alerts and a wide sensitivity range that does not decline or vary over time, allowing even minute levels of smoke to be detected before a fire has a chance to spread. The QUARTAS provides drastically better performance of very early fire detection and better immunity to false/unwanted alarms, than any other competitor in the market.

How does an aspirating fire and smoke detection system work?

An aspirating smoke detector has sample chambers and a central detection unit. These chambers line up with a system of pipes that draw in the air throughout a building at selected points. This can be the air that is pulled in from many locations throughout a particular area or a whole structure.
In the detection unit, where laser technology is employed to assess light-scattering particles, the air is continuously checked. As a result, the system is able to detect the presence of smoke particles in the air, with varying degrees of sensitivity coded to suit the environment. The Aspirating Smoke Detection System can be combined with fire control panels, so if smoke is detected, the alarm is activated.

Aspirating Smoke Detection System Dubai

Where an aspirating smoke detection system can be used?

Aspirating systems are perfect for a variety of applications due to the early detection involved, including server rooms and data centers where downtime or information loss might be disastrous for a company as well as big industrial warehouses housing valuable machinery and merchandise.
Aspirating smoke detection systems may also be helpful in buildings with high ceilings, such as atria, hangars, and warehouses. This is due to the fact that an aspirating system is more sensitive and actively sucks air in at various locations along the pipe network, whereas it may take a long time for huge levels of smoke to naturally reach a typical smoke detector.
Cold storage spaces can also use aspirating smoke detection systems, with the detection unit situated outside of the cold environment.
We can use aspirating systems in harsh and difficult environments where passive detection systems are not suitable. Aspirating smoke detectors are utilized in situations when extremely early detection is required and point detectors are ineffective.

  • Accommodation (Apartments, Hotels, Shops and Offices)
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Clean Rooms
  • Cold Storage
  • Cultural/Heritage
  • Data & Telecom
  • Hospitals and Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Marine
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Portable Switch Rooms
  • Power Generation
  • Records Storage
  • Transportation
  • Wind Power Generation
  • Warehousing

We supply Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems in Dubai and all over UAE.

QUARTAS – Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems Dubai

We supply early and reliable Aspirating / Air Sampling Smoke Detectors & Fire Detection Systems in Dubai, and Across UAE. The QUARTAS is an aspirating smoke detector / Air Sampling Detection System that employs Innovative technology, resulting in very early smoke detection. It gives complete peace of mind, particularly in mission-critical areas such as UPS, DCR, and Cold Storage, where downtime results in exorbitant expenses by the minute. QUARTAS-500S and QUARTAS 2000S Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems are there. ASD systems are highly sensitive and can detect smoke at the earliest stages of a fire, making them ideal for critical environments where early detection is crucial.

Aspirating Smoke Detector – QUARTAS-500s & QUARTAS-2000s


QUARTAS aspirating smoke detector is designed for Large and Small areas. By using continuous air sampling to identify fires in their early stages, These aspirating smoke detectors give very early warning smoke detection.

The benefits of Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) Systems – QUARTAS

  • Very early warning smoke detection
  • Aspirating smoke detectors can be integrated with fire suppression systems to offer a quick response in an emergency situation.
  • Highest sensitivity range compared to alternatives 
  • Patented sensitivity calibration with AI assistance 
  • Significantly increased coverage area per ASD panel
  • High power Blue LED as a detection methodology, proven to be superior to conventional methodologies
  • Improved detection performance, as well as the ability to cover installations with the highest sensitivity requirements
  • UAE Civil Defense, FM Approved

Aspirating Smoke Detection System Supplying Company Dubai

Wermany is the premier supplier of Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems in Dubai and the entire UAE. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge solutions that ensure the safety and security of your spaces. As a market leader, we understand the crucial relevance of early and precise fire detection. Our Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems use cutting-edge technology to detect even the smallest quantities of smoke, offering an unparalleled level of sensitivity and reliability. Our systems are built to match your individual demands, whether you’re protecting a business complex, an industrial facility, or a residential home.

Whether you want to install a new fire detection system or upgrade an existing one, our company is ready to offer you unparalleled support and solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how our Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems can help you protect your valuable assets in Dubai and around the UAE.

What is an aspirating smoke detection system?

An aspirating smoke detection system( ASD), also known as Air Sampling Smoke Detection System, is an advanced smoke detection technology that continuously samples air to detect smoke particles at the earliest stages of a fire.

How does an aspirating smoke detection system work?

These systems use a network of pipes to draw air from the protected area into a central detection unit. Within this unit, the air is analyzed for the presence of smoke particles. If smoke is detected, the system triggers an alarm, providing early warning of a potential fire.

What are the benefits of using aspirating smoke detection systems in Dubai?

Aspirating smoke detection systems offer several advantages, including:
1. Early detection of smoke, minimizing the risk of fire damage and loss.
2. Continuous monitoring of the protected area, even in challenging environments.
3. Customizable sensitivity levels to suit specific application requirements.
4. Integration capabilities with existing fire alarm systems for comprehensive fire protection.

Are aspirating smoke detection systems suitable for all environments?

Yes, aspirating smoke detection systems are highly versatile and can be tailored to suit various environments, including:
1. Data centers
2. Server rooms
3. Warehouses
4. Museums
5. Clean rooms
6. Telecommunication facilities
7. Power generation plants
8. Cold Storage

Are aspirating smoke detection systems compliant with Dubai regulations?

Yes, aspirating smoke detection systems meet the stringent regulations and standards set forth by Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) and other relevant authorities. These systems undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability and compliance with local fire safety requirements.

How can I install an aspirating smoke detection system in Dubai?

Installing an aspirating smoke detection system requires professional expertise to design, install, and commission the system properly. It’s essential to work with experienced fire protection specialists like WERMANY, who understand the local regulations and can tailor the system to your specific needs.Call Wermany at +971 4 329 0363

Where can I find reliable suppliers of aspirating smoke detection systems in Dubai?

Wermany is the leading and reliable supplier of aspirating smoke detection systems in Dubai. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality products and excellent customer support, Wermany offers a comprehensive range of aspirating smoke detection solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries and applications.