Kitchen Hood Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System – Dubai, UAE

Wermany offers a high-quality kitchen fire suppression system in Dubai and in all emirates of UAE that is designed to extinguish hazardous kitchen fires without human intervention. Engineered for maximum fire safety, our automatic suppression system is installed and maintained by experts to reduce the chances of fire damage.

Kitchen hood fire suppression system Dubai, UAE

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System – Dubai, UAE

Wermany Technical Services LLC supplies Wet Chemical Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems for kitchens of all sizes in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE.

Kitchen fire suppression is a fire suppression system designed to quickly and efficiently extinguish fires that may originate in commercial kitchens. This is mainly because cooking equipment, oils, and grease can pose a significant fire risk. Grease buildup in the exhaust hood is the root cause of many kitchen fires. They can be specifically difficult to extinguish with typical methods due to accessibility issues.

Wet chemical systems detect and extinguish kitchen exhaust hood fires. Whether it originates in one of the appliances or the exhaust hood itself. The system can shut down the gas supply to the kitchen and send a signal to the main fire panel if necessary. Wet chemical Kitchen fire suppression systems are a crucial safety component in commercial kitchens, protecting employees, equipment, and property from the deadly effects of fire.

Commercial kitchen fire suppression System – Dubai

Restaurant kitchens are highly vulnerable to fire hazards due to the large number of operational gas stoves, increasing the risk of unexpected flames. Such incidents not only disrupt business operations but also pose a threat to employee safety, resources, and time. Our commercial kitchen fire suppression system in Dubai, UAE provides comprehensive protection against these risks and protects hoods, ducts, plenums, and cooking surfaces in commercial kitchens. Engineered with precision, our Commercial kitchen hood firefighting systems offer dependable and straightforward safety measures, ensuring peace of mind for your kitchen operations.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Wet Chemical System Working

A wet chemical fire suppression system is designed specifically for cooking fires. The Wet Chemical Kitchen system can operate in two modes: automatic and manual.

In automatic mode, it works by detecting a fire and releasing a moist chemical that suffocates the flames and keeps them from spreading. The system’s nozzles are mounted in the kitchen hood exhaust, allowing chemicals to be released directly onto the fire source.
Pre-engineered wet chemical kitchen-hood fire suppression systems are considered the best because they offer optimum protection to the hood, duct, and cooking equipment. They have a sensing module that automatically detects fires and sprays chemicals from the hood onto the flames.

The device also includes a manual pull station where you can release the wet chemical onto the fire. The manual pull station option serves as a backup if the system’s detectors or fusible linkages fail to identify the fire hazard. Furthermore, as soon as the system begins to shut down, the gas or power supply to the cooking appliances is turned off.

Key features of our Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems:

  • Compliance with NFPA 96, NFPA 17A, and UAE Civil Defense
  • Designed for the maximum protection of Commercial Kitchen hood, duct, and cooking appliances
  • Automatic fire detection and chemical release
  • Manual pull station for quick response
  • Gas or electricity shut-off for kitchen appliances
  • Professional maintenance and recharge

Benefits of Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System in Commercial Kitchens

  • Effective suppression of cooking fires:

Wet chemical agents are specially designed to quickly suppress and extinguish fires caused by cooking oils and fats often present in industrial kitchens. They generate a cooling effect and form a soap-like film that seals off the fuel source, preventing re-ignition.

  • Rapid response:

Wet chemical fire suppression systems are intended for quick responses to kitchen fires. The technologies can detect and respond to fires automatically, reducing the risk of serious damage and injury.

  • Prevention of re-ignition:

The wet chemical agents create a barrier on the surface of the burning oil, blocking the release of combustible vapors and lowering the chance of re-ignition.

  • Compatibility with Class K fires:

Wet chemical fire suppression systems are designed specifically for use on Class K fires, which involve combustible cooking oils and fat. This makes them extremely effective in environments where such fires are likely to occur.

  • Reduced property damage:

The suppression agent used in wet chemical systems is specifically intended to cause little damage to kitchen equipment and surfaces. This can help to lower the overall cost of fire damage and speed up cleanup and recovery.

  • Automatic activation:

These devices are often set to operate automatically when a fire is detected. This quick response is critical in stopping a fire from escalating and becoming uncontrolled.

  • Enhanced Kitchen Safety:

Wet chemical solutions help to improve overall kitchen safety by swiftly suppressing and extinguishing flames. They help to safeguard kitchen workers and limit the risk of injury or death in the case of a fire.

  • Easy cleanup:

The wet chemical agent utilized in these devices is typically simple to clean up after deployment. This allows for a quicker return to normal kitchen activities after a fire occurrence.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Applications

  • Restaurants / Commercial Kitchens: Restaurants must prioritize the safety of their customers as well as the preservation of their culinary delights.
  • Chinese Restaurants: In kitchens with woks and intense flames, a strong suppression system is essential.
  • Food Trucks: Because of the limited area, mobile kitchens require efficient fire safety precautions.
  • Hospitals: Maintaining the safety of hospital kitchens is critical to providing continuous patient care.
  • Modern Kitchens: Whether in a traditional or cloud kitchen arrangement, these systems add an important degree of security.
  • Catering Facilities: From large-scale events to small gatherings, a Kitchen Fire Suppression System is an essential safety component.

Kitchen hood Fire Suppression System Installation and working

Our Kitchen Fire Suppression System is Certified by

Wet chemical fire suppression systems are designed to control and extinguish fires involving cooking oils and fats in commercial kitchens, such as those found in restaurants. Don’t wait until it’s too late; invest in a wet chemical fire suppression system today to keep your restaurant safe from kitchen fires. our fully experienced and trained technicians install and maintain high-performance kitchen fire suppression systems to ensure maximum fire safety. We have specifically designed Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems in Dubai and all over UAE. Feel free to contact us today

FAQ – Kitchen hood Fire Suppression System Dubai

What is a kitchen hood fire suppression system?

A kitchen hood fire suppression system is a specialized system designed to quickly detect and extinguish fires that may occur in commercial kitchen hoods, protecting against potential hazards in cooking environments.

How does a kitchen hood fire suppression system work?

These systems typically use a combination of heat detection sensors, fire extinguishing agents (like wet chemicals), and automatic activation mechanisms to detect and suppress fires in kitchen hoods.

Are kitchen hood fire suppression systems mandatory in Dubai?

Yes, according to Dubai Civil Defence regulations, kitchen hood fire suppression systems are mandatory for commercial kitchens to ensure safety and compliance with fire safety standards.

What are the benefits of installing a kitchen hood fire suppression system?

Installing a kitchen hood fire suppression system can prevent fires from spreading, minimize property damage, protect personnel, and ensure compliance with local fire safety regulations.

What types of fire extinguishing agents are used in kitchen hood fire suppression systems?

Common fire extinguishing agents used in these systems include wet chemicals specifically designed for suppressing kitchen fires while minimizing damage to cooking equipment and surrounding areas.