ELV Systems Dubai

ELV systems stand for “Extra-Low Voltage” systems. These are electrical systems that operate at very low voltage and include a variety of engineering innovations that help to secure the building. Typically, ELV systems are utilized for specific tasks and applications where factors like safety, energy efficiency, and a lower danger of electrical shock are important considerations.

We offer a wide variety of ELV Systems in Dubai and over UAE using the most recent tools and technologies.

What is ELV?

Any system running at a voltage not exceeding 35V AC (or 60V ripple-free DC) is considered ELV (Extra Low Voltage), as defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission. it’s important to recognize that this definition only scratches the surface of what ELV systems encompass within the context of building technology.

ELV systems in buildings go far beyond just voltage ratings. The term “ELV” is used in the construction industry in an attempt to electrically define all the systems in a building that need electricity to run but are not part of the main electrical system of the building. Data networks, CCTV, fire alarm systems, public address systems, audio/video solutions, access control and intrusion detection systems, home automation, and much more are all covered by ELV and have already become must-have systems in every structure.

Various ELV system solutions include :

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • CCTV
  • Data Centre and Active Components
  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Fully integrated control room.
  • Building Management Systems
  • Gate Barrier System
  • Wireless Access points
  • Access Control Systems
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Guest Room Management Systems
  • Structure Cabling
  • Parking management systems
  • Intercom Systems

ELV System company in Dubai – Supply, Installation & Maintenance

Wermany is a leading company specializing in ELV (Extra Low Voltage) systems in Dubai. Extensive ELV (Extra-Low Voltage) Systems and project engineering for office and residential buildings are our areas of expertise. We are Supplying ELV System solutions that adhere to the necessary safety and security criteria and meet local, regional, and international standards is part of our expertise in ELV systems in the UAE. We are approved & accredited by the relevant authorities of Dubai, UAE.

In order to make a building more livable and secure for its occupants and users, various amenities are required. ELV solutions, which include advanced engineering technologies, are the best option for building management. The integration of all systems into a single platform for efficient operation is the secret to intelligent ELV solutions. Property owners are now seeing ELV systems as a smart choice for building management. 

We are undertaking the design & build, integration, installation, testing, and commissioning of complete CCTV & ELV systems in UAE for all types of commercial and residential buildings.

Advantages of adopting ELV systems – Dubai

  • Improved safety.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Sustainable technology.
  • Avoid duplication of hardware and software.
  • Multi-functional systems.
  • Reduced cost of operations.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Integration with modern technologies.
  • Enhanced user experience.

More About ELV System in Dubai

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems use ELV wiring to connect smoke detectors, heat detectors, and other components. This ensures that the system can operate reliably in emergencies and reduces the risk of electrical hazards during a fire.
We specialize in providing top-tier fire alarm systems. With advanced technology and a commitment to compliance with safety standards, we offer a range of fire detection and alarm systems tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients in Dubai.


CCTV is the camera system installed inside and outside of buildings to enable monitoring surveillance. CCTV systems employ ELV principles to monitor and record activities, promoting security and enabling real-time surveillance in various environments.
These systems often incorporate advanced analytics and remote access capabilities for improved situational awareness.

Data Centre and Active Components

ELV infrastructure in data centers includes active components like servers, switches, and routers, ensuring reliable data processing and distribution.
High-speed data connections and redundancy measures are integral for data center ELV systems.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems manage entry to secure areas using key cards or biometric authentication, enhancing safety and restricting unauthorized access.
These systems integrate seamlessly with ELV technologies for comprehensive security solutions in commercial and residential settings.

Building Automation and Control Systems

Building automation systems use ELV technology for centralized control of lighting, HVAC, and energy management, enhancing comfort and efficiency.
These systems adapt to environmental conditions and user preferences, optimizing resource usage.

Smart Home Automation

ELV-driven smart home systems offer homeowners control over lighting, security, and appliances for convenience and energy savings.
Integration with voice assistants and mobile apps enhances user experience and home management.

Voice Evacuation Systems

These ELV systems provide clear audio announcements and emergency alerts in public spaces, ensuring public safety. Voice evacuation systems guide occupants to safety during emergencies, enhancing overall building safety.

Fully Integrated Control Room

A fully integrated ELV control room centralizes monitoring and control of security, HVAC, lighting, and other building systems for streamlined operations.
Real-time data analysis and decision-making are enhanced through integrated visual displays.

Gate Barrier System

ELV gate barrier systems control vehicle access to secured areas, enhancing safety and security.
Integration with access control and surveillance systems ensures comprehensive site monitoring.

We are Providing ELV solutions that improve communication, security, and public safety to commercial and residential buildings, schools, colleges, educational institutions, companies, and government bodies. We can combine any of our services to fulfill your specific security, communication, and electrical requirements.