Total Protection for Military Vehicles



The advanced LEHAVOTMilitary Vehicles fire protection systemprovides comprehensive fire protectionfor Multi-zone protection: crew compartment, engine, fuel tank, tires, battery compartment, and outer envelope.
Based on extensive battle field experience LEHAVOT’s comprehensive system protects any type of vehicles as Battle tanks, trucks, and armored vehicles against fire. The vehicles are installed with high-quality fire suppression systems to meet various fire risks. Crew compartments are equipped with fire suppression agents shielding the crew in case of fire or high.

Lehavot’s BUSShield is a comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable bus fire protection system that immediately alerts the driver to fire and overheating events and automatically takes efficient extinguishing action. BUSShield is based on Lehavot’s groundbreaking DELTA linear fire and heat detector whose stainless steel detection tubing is easily installed in confined spaces such as engine compartments and is highly robust to harsh environmental conditions such as grime, dirt, dust, etc.
The BUSShield is currently being installed in thousands of public transportation buses in the world, and it is expected that hundreds more will soon be protecting its passengers with the world’s most advanced bus fire suppression system.


The crew compartment is equipped with fire suppression agents that shield the crew in case of fire or high temperature.

The outer envelope is fitted with a fire suppression system which offers protection against Molotov cocktails and facilitates crew evacuation.

The tires are protected against fire using a high performance product which extinguishes all classes of fires and prevents the fire from reigniting.

The battery is protected against fire.

The battery is protected against fire.

  • Fast detection - Quickly detects fires to minimize damage and injuries
  • Robust structure - Eliminates leakage failures, high toleration for grime and dirt
  • Easy installation - Lehavot's proprietary linear detector is durable, flexible stainless steel tubing that can be routed to monitor large compartments or tight spaces
  • Cost-effective - No need for multiple detector units
  • Reliable - Identifies fires occurring even at a considerable distance from the sensor tubing
  • Distant sensing - Identifies fires occurring a considerable distance from the sensor tubing
  • Customizable sensitivity - Can be adjusted for optimal sensitivity to local in situ operating conditions, resulting in fewer false alarms
  • Durable - Battle-proven system
  • Low cost of ownership - Relatively low cost, low maintenance, and low power consumption
  • Flexible - The high-performance system supports both automatic and manual operation
  • Efficient - Extinguishes all classes of fires Advanced fire protection systems

R107 Approval