MININGShield – The ultimate fire protection solutions for the harsh conditions of mining applications


Ultimate fire protection for the harsh conditions of mining applications

Protecting property and lives are paramount. That’s why, in all mining scenarios, the elapsed time between theonset of a fire and its detection is critical! Lehavot’sMININGShield pre-engineered system is designed to cope withthe most severe under-or above-ground fire challenges, based on:

  •  Lehavot’s DELTA detector – a RoR linear fire & heatdetector. The world’s most reliable fire detectiondevice, which monitors rate-of-temperature risevia stainless steel tubing that is routed within theprotected zone, providing optimal fire and overheatingdetection coverage.
  •  Lehavot’s CCU (Central Control Unit), which canmonitor dozens of Delta detectors and activatecylinders with any type of agent.
  •  Lehavot’s FPS (Fire Protection System)-ManagerSoftware, for easy system monitoring and control ofthe entire fire protection system.



Key MININGshield Applications

Heavy-Duty Mining Vehicles

When you combine 24/7 operation, heat, flammableliquids, turbo chargers, exhaust fumes & electrical components in the enclosedspace of the engine compartment, the risk of furious fire is high. The MININGShieldvehicle AFSS pre-engineered fire suppression system is comprised of three majorcomponents: the DELTAdetector, suppression cylinder (any type of agent) and CCU.

Above-and Under-Ground Conveyor Belts

The continuous friction between theconveyor’s belt itself and its rotating pulleys can produce static electricity and/or high temperatures both of which pose serious fire threats in a mine’s typicallycombustible environment. A furious conveyor belt fire can spread rapidly over longdistances. The MININGShield conveyor belt AFSS pre-engineered fire suppressionsystem is comprised of: CCU (which can monitor a large number of detectors);multiple DELTA detectors; discharging elements; and extinguishing agent optimizedfor mine conveyor belt conditions.

Diesel Storage Units

With their high loading of combustible materials, dieselstorage areas – often underground and unattended – must be protected with a rapid responseand reliable fire protection system. The MININGShield diesel storageAFSS pre-engineered fire suppression system is comprised of: a DELTA detector;automatic and/or manual fire suppression actuation device; extinguishing agentoptimized for diesel fires.

Battery Charging Stations

The battery chargers used in mines can be quitedangerous. Overcharging may cause the battery to rupture and the electrolyte fluidis highly flammable. Any ignition source could cause a fire and even an explosion.The MININGShield battery charging station AFSS pre-engineered fire suppressionsystem is comprised of: a DELTA detector; automatic and/or manual fire suppressionactuation device; extinguishing agent optimized for battery fires.

  • Fast Detection – Rapidly detects fires, minimizing damage and injuries.
  • Extremely Reliable – Low rate of false alarms.
  • Distant Sensing – Identifies fires occurring a considerable distance from the sensor tubing, does not require line-of-sight to the fire.
  • Audio and Visual Indications – Combines integrated detection and control capabilities
  • Performance Monitoring – Advanced module that indicates failure or alarm.
  • Low Cost of Ownership – Relatively low cost, low maintenance, and low power consumption.
  • Easy Installation – The Delta stainless steel tubing can be routed to monitor large areas or confined spaces.
  • Documentation – Fire events, faults and signal peaks are stored in the detector’s Non-Volatile Memory and can be downloaded at any time through a USB interface.