Inergen Fire Suppression System – Dubai, UAE

The Inergen fire suppression system is a type of clean agent fire suppression system used to extinguish fires in enclosed spaces such as server rooms, data centers, control rooms, and other critical areas. Inergen is a blend of inert gases consisting of nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide. When discharged, it works by reducing the oxygen concentration in the protected area to a level where combustion is no longer sustainable, effectively extinguishing the fire without leaving any residue or causing damage to sensitive equipment.

Inergen fire suppression is a combination of naturally occurring gases such as nitrogen, argon, and a small bit of carbon dioxide.  All of these gases combine to form Inergen, which is composed of 50% argon, 42% nitrogen, and 8% CO2.

Importantly, Inergen is completely harmless for humans to remain in a room where the system is activated. Although you may notice slightly deeper breathing due to the lowered oxygen level, it poses no danger.

How does the Inergen Fire Suppression System work?

Inergen Fire Suppression Systems are designed to detect smoke, deploy extinguishing gas, and extinguish the fire before it does substantial damage. It is intended to exceed the standards of the World Standard for Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems.

When a fire occurs, the Inergen system is activated automatically and typically extinguishes the fire within 40 seconds, preventing re-ignition. It extinguishes fire by lowering the oxygen level in the protected area from 20.9% to between 12-15%, suffocating the fire before it develops.

The system distributes Inergen via pipework to nozzles located in the protected area, ensuring even distribution throughout the protected area, including hard-to-reach areas. It can be actuated by detection and control equipment for automatic system operation along with providing local and remote manual operation as needed. These pipes and nozzles can be installed in ceilings, under raised floors, or concealed in walls. Even hard-to-reach areas like closed cabinets and under tables receive even distribution. Inergen cylinders do not necessarily have to be placed in the same room as the area you want to protect.

Advantages of the Inergen Fire Suppression System:

  • Safe for Human
    • Inergen releases naturally occurring gases (such as nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide) rather than unnatural substances.
    • It is breathable for humans during evacuation from the building.
    • Unlike some other fire suppression methods, it leaves no residue behind, allowing occupants to return quickly after the fire has been extinguished.
  • Quick Fire Suppression:
    • When heat and smoke sensors detect a fire, Inergen is rapidly released into the affected space.
    • It extinguishes the fire within approximately 40 seconds.
    • By lowering the available oxygen, Inergen removes the fire’s main energy source, leading to swift suppression1.
  • Environmentally Friendly:
    • Inergen has zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential.
    • It does not harm the environment.
    • Additionally, it is electrically non-conductive.
  • No Damage to Assets and Property:
    • Inergen causes no damage to valuable assets or property.
    • It leaves no corrosive residue behind.
  • Clear Escape Routes:
    • Inergen does not produce fog, ensuring that escape routes remain visible during evacuation4.
  • Safe and Effective:
    • Nontoxic and safe for use in occupied areas.
    • Provides quick and effective fire suppression

Applications of the Inergen Fire Suppression System:

Computer Rooms and Data Centers: Inergen is specifically designed to protect critical IT infrastructure. Whether it’s servers, data storage, or communication equipment, Inergen ensures fire safety without causing damage to sensitive electronics or leaving any residue. This is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted operations in these essential spaces.

Telecommunications Facilities:
Telecommunication rooms and hubs are vital for communication networks. Inergen provides rapid fire suppression capabilities, swiftly extinguishing fires. Importantly, it maintains a safe environment for both equipment and personnel. Unlike some other fire suppression methods, Inergen leaves no corrosive residue behind, allowing occupants to return promptly after the fire has been extinguished.

Power Generation Facilities:
Inergen finds application in power plants, substations, and control rooms. These facilities house critical electrical systems. Inergen prevents fire-related disruptions and minimizes damage to these systems. Its ability to suppress fires effectively without introducing harmful substances makes it an excellent choice for safeguarding power generation infrastructure.

Petrochemical and Gas Applications:
Areas with flammable gases, chemicals, and petrochemical processes benefit from Inergen. Inergen suppresses fires swiftly, preventing them from escalating. Its composition of naturally occurring gases ensures safety without compromising the environment. For industries dealing with hazardous materials, Inergen offers reliable protection.

Manufacturing Spaces and Production Lines:
Factories, manufacturing plants, and assembly lines rely on efficient production equipment. Inergen ensures fire safety without compromising these critical systems. By rapidly extinguishing fires, it minimizes production downtime and potential losses. Its non-corrosive nature is particularly advantageous in manufacturing environments.

Medical Facilities and Hospitals:
Inergen is safe for use in healthcare settings. Hospitals house valuable medical equipment, records, and patient areas. Inergen’s quick-fire suppression capabilities protect these assets without causing harm. Its environmentally friendly composition aligns well with healthcare institutions’ commitment to safety and sustainability.

Engine Rooms and Pump Rooms:
Total flooding in engine rooms, pump rooms, and control rooms is essential for fire safety. Inergen effectively extinguishes fires without damaging machinery or endangering personnel. These critical areas require reliable fire protection, and Inergen delivers precisely that.

Other Enclosed Spaces:
Inergen’s versatility extends to various enclosed spaces. Whether it’s paint lockers, archives, storage rooms, or historically significant buildings, Inergen ensures fire safety. Its unique feature of leaving no corrosive residue is particularly valuable. Additionally, it ensures that escape routes remain visible during evacuation, enhancing overall safety.

FAQ – Inergen Fire Suppression Dubai

What is an Inergen fire suppression system?

An Inergen fire suppression system is a type of clean agent fire suppression system that uses a blend of inert gases (nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide) to extinguish fires in enclosed spaces without leaving behind any residue.

How does an Inergen system work?

When activated, an Inergen system releases the inert gases into the protected area, reducing the oxygen concentration to a level where combustion is no longer sustainable, effectively suppressing the fire.

Where is an Inergen system typically used?

Inergen systems are commonly used in sensitive environments such as server rooms, data centers, control rooms, museums, and other areas where water-based fire suppression systems or chemical agents could cause damage to equipment or materials.

Is Inergen safe for occupied spaces?

Yes, Inergen is safe for use in occupied spaces as it does not pose any health risks to humans at the specified concentration levels used for fire suppression.

What are the environmental benefits of using an Inergen system?

Inergen is environmentally friendly and does not contribute to ozone depletion or global warming, making it a sustainable fire suppression solution.

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