Fire Suppression System in Dubai,UAE


We are supplying Fire Suppression System in Dubai. We provide full design, installation, commissioning, and scheduled maintenance of all types of systems. If you require a high-quality service for the supply of your fire and safety equipment, please contact us now. We cover all of Dubai as well as the UAE.

What is fire suppression system?

fire suppression system is a collection of engineered devices designed to put out flames by applying a substance on them. A fire suppression system often includes components that detect fires in their early stages using heat, smoke, and other warning signs. These are connected to an alarm system that will notify you when a fire has been discovered and start actions to suppress the fire further. After the detection and/or alarm, the majority of fire suppression systems will automatically apply an external material to extinguish the fire. Some fire suppression systems, on the other hand, feature a manual application release.

Types of fire suppression systems Dubai

Staffed by professionals experienced and knowledgeable in special hazard and industrial fire protection, Wermany specializes in the design of the following:

Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System

Novec 1230 fluid is an environmentally friendly solution for waterless fire suppression.

CO2 or Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System

Carbon dioxide is a clean gaseous agent can be stored in either high pressure cylinders or low pressure tanks.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression

kitchen fire suppression system releases wet chemical extinguishing agents designed to put out cooking fires and grease fires.

Marine Extinguishing Systems using Clean Agent

A clean agent is an electrically non-conductive, volatile, or gaseous fire extinguishing agent that leaves no residue upon evaporation.

Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

Water mist system is a fire protection system which uses very fine water sprays.

FM-200(HFC 227ea) Extinguishing Systems

FM-200 is a colorless, compressed liquefied gas used to extinguish fires and is a popular replacement for Halon fire suppression systems.

Inert Gases (Argon, Nitrogen, Carbon) system

Inert Gas Fire Suppression System combines the extinguishing agents of Argon, Nitrogen and CO₂ to ensure fire suppression with unique features.

Engineered Dry Chemical Systems

Dry chemical systems release a dry chemical powder into a designated space to extinguish a fire.

Foam Suppression Systems

A foam fire suppression system is a type of wet sprinkler system that combines both water and a foaming agent for large scale fire extinguishment.

Fire Alarm and Detections

The role of fire detection and alarm systems is to identify a developing fire emergency in a timely manner, and to alert the building's occupants and fire emergency organizations.

Types of fire suppression systems Dubai

Well designed fire suppression systems must be built on essential design principles, this is why our extinguishing systems are developed with the following considerations:-

  • Storage space requirements for cylinders
  • Room Infrastructure, ensuring the enclosure is suitable for the fire suppression agent
  •  Certified quality management processes ensure occupant safety.
  • Environmentally friendly systems; proper design prevents system discharges from occurring unnecessarily.
  • Precise and reliable smoke detection using the VESDA air sampling technology
  • Sustainable fire suppression system technology, ensuring consumers are well informed about what they are installing


Regularly servicing a fire suppression system accomplishes three goals:

  • Ensures system complies with the most recent codes and regulations.
  • Protects your key infrastructure by mitigate the risk of lengthy downtime.
  •  Provides assurance to your employees that working fail-safes are in place.


Fire Suppression System Supplier Dubai

These Fire Suppression systems can be passive or active, depending on whether or not they require motion or action in order to function. Passive systems can include components such as fire doors, fire and smoke dampers, and fire walls and barriers. Active systems include fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and hydrants. We are supplying all types of Fire suppression systems in Dubai