What is Fire Alarm System?

A fire alarm system is made up of a collection of devices that work together to detect and alert people to the presence of smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or other emergencies using visual and audio devices.

Fire Alarm System in Dubai are essential for every kind of building, especially for large buildings where some substances can cause ignition. Fire Alarm Systems can be installed in Offices, Factories, and public premises. They are part of our everyday routine, yet they are usually overlooked until an emergency arises, at which point they may save our lives. Whatever the strategy for detection is, if the alert is set off, sounders will work to warn others in the structure that there might be a fire and they should evacuate. The alarm system may incorporate a remote sign, which could then warn the firefighters through a central or focal station.

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The Fire Alarm system consists of many devices that work together to identify and inform people by visual and audible mechanisms when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or other emergencies are about to cause a calamity. The Fire Alarm Control Panel is the “central element” of the Fire alarm system. It is the central point where the detector signals to notify and gives a status indication to the person. CALL NOW Fire alarm system supplier Dubai.

fire alarm system components

A Detector:
Different types of detectors are installed within a fire alarm system. A detector evaluates the condition when there is an emergency or when it triggers a fire. But the detectors require cleaning on a regular basis otherwise, they will not perform their function properly.
Call Point:
Call points are also present within the fire alarm system. Call points are used to initiate the audio signals manually. They just have a button, and we just need to push the button. Call points can also work automatically.
Fire Alarm Bell:
Fire Alarm Bell is an active component of the fire alarm system. Fire alarm bell uses audible signals to alert people in case of an emergency. At the automatic call point, the bell starts ringing when it detects the fire. In the manual call point, the bell is attached to the call point and starts ringing when we press the button.
The fire alarm system consists of three main components.
Simplex Fire Alarm Control Panel:
The Simplex Fire Alarm Control panel is a touch screen interface. It is an electronic bell or sounder. The sounder inside the fire alarm gives an audio signal to warn people that there is a fire hazard in the building. The simplex fire alarm is installed in a large buildings and multi-building campus-style networks. It has a built-in notification system.
Wireless Fire Alarm System:
A wireless fire alarm system is installed between the panel and devices without any cable. The installation of this fire alarm system is very quick. Remote Fire Alarm is built for fire security, fire prevention, and control of fire alarm devices. This system uses radio communication signals to detect the fire control panel and fire detectors. In this type of fire alarm system, automatic fire detectors, manual call points and routers operate together. A wireless fire alarm system is installed in the offices where rewiring is not possible. It is easy to install and requires no wiring.
Honeywell Fire Alarm System:
Honeywell Fire Alarm System includes a smoke detector that is advanced and can sense fire. The Honeywell fire alarm system is a cost-effective fire detection system. Honeywell fire alarm systems are further categorized into types, which is why they are called gent fire alarm system. This system delivers the most advanced fire detection devices.
Conventional Fire Alarm System:
A conventional Fire alarm system consists of one or more circuits that are connected to the sensors in parallel. When there is fire, these sensors decrease the resistance of the circuits. The conventional fire alarm system is made up of zones. The zone is made up of initiating (sensors) and notification devices. Each zone is connected to the main control panel. The current in the circuit increases when the sensor detects a fire in the surroundings. This increase in current communicates the change to the control panel.
Addressable Fire Alarm System:
In this type of fire alarm system, there are a series of fire detectors connected to the control panel. These fire alarms are more advanced. An addressable fire alarm system is installed in the more complex premises. It is easy for this type of fire alarm to trigger a fire. In an addressable fire alarm system, each detector has a unique address that enables it to detect the fire. Read more
Intelligent/Smart Fire Alarm Systems:
It consists of optical and heat detectors. Each detector has its own computer. When the detectors trigger the fire, each detector effectively incorporates its own computer and then communicates the change in environment (fire) to the control panel. In addition to the siren, it also tells you where the fire is in your building, and that is why it is called a smart fire alarm system. A smart fire alarm system is more complex but prevents false alarm occurrences.
Heat Detector:
It is a kind of fire alarm device. It is a special fire safety device. When the temperature of the surrounding area rises or when it triggers a fire, it gets activated and the alarm gives an audio signal that there is a fire and the building should be evacuated immediately. It consists of different sensors.
Rate of rising Heat Sensor:
When the temperature of the surrounding area rises from 12°F to 15°F per minute, the alarm gets activated.
Fixed Temperature Heat Sensor:
This sensor gets activated when the temperature rises above the particular built-in range. It usually gets activated when the temperature increases above 135 degrees.

Notifier Honeywell:
Notifier is a touch screen PC-based workstation that controls the fire alarm system. Notifier consists of a complete emergency communication device. Notifier provides an entire range of fire alarm devices (manual call point, smoke detector, heat detector, gas detector, and notification devices). These devices are connected to the interface fire alarm control panel. All these devices when connected to the control panel from the fire alarm system.
Global Fire Alarm:
Global fire alarm control panels are available in 2, 4, and 8 zone panels. This type of panel includes Day/Night mode, selectable non-latching zones, and coincidence detection. Its operation is automatic. It is easy to control, and we can disable it with one button. It includes 2, 4, and 8 Zone non-expandable control panels and 32 conventional smoke detectors per zone. It is user-friendly.

How to install and maintain Smoke Alarms

  • Research and select a better detector
  • Purchase enough detectors.
  • Install in central locations
  • Test after installation
  • Test on a monthly basis
  • Replace batteries once a year.
  • Clean every year


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Fire alarm System UAE

Benefits of Fire Alarm Systems in Dubai, UAE

Fire alarms have proven to save lives and are one of the finest investments that a company or firm can make. Often known as a smoke alarm, a fire alarm essentially emits a sound, whether it is a whistle, siren, or buzzer, as an alert or notification that a fire has occurred on the premises.
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